Regulatory Framework on the Dune du Pilat

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Respect priority rules

Rules of good practice

Take-offs and maneuvers in beachgrass plantations are prohibited
– Respect priority rules
Wearing a helmet is mandatory
Wearing a back protection is highly recommended
Paragliding at night is strictly forbidden
Bring back your waste
– Park your vehicle in designated areas
– Respect other Dune du Pilat users
– The Dune du Pilat is a registered site, please respect this sensitive and fragile area

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Obligation to declare for all EU members

Any EU member legally living in a EU country or any country sharing the European economic market allowed to work as an official coach can practice in France this same activity on a limited time or occasionally provided the person has legally informed the Prefect. This general rule come from the sport code of conduct in order to assure the users safety. (Sport regulation, articles L.212-7, R.212-84, R.212-92 à R.212-94, A.212-182-2).

Declaration for persons willing to work in France on seasonal activity:

Regarding the single market for services:
persons willing  to work in France on seasonal activity (less than 16 weeks) have to request a single market for services permit renewable each year.
Pre requisites are as follow

  • Have the nationality of one or several EU members
  • Live inside the EU and outside France
  • Justify that you have the same job on the country you live in and justify the quantity of work you do on a season.
  • Justify your knowledge of French language.

Your declaration must done on line at:

For the Dune du Pilat, all requests will be examined by the DDCS 33 Espace Rodesse – 103 bis rue de Belleville – CS 61693 – 33062 Bordeaux Cedex

Declaration for persons willing to work in France permanently

Regarding the:

This is the procedure for EU members willing to settle permanently in France. It is the way to get professional permit. Here are the prerequisite:

  • Be a EU member
  • Live permanently in France
  • Have a European qualification
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience (full time job) over the last decade.

Online registration procedure for all the groups

If you are a group of pilots whether you are coming with a school, a club or not, FFVL wants to draw your attention before you come on the Dune du Pilat.
Indeed, this designated area has limited space and the FFVL wants to make efforts to rationalize occasional massive influx in order to protect the sensitive area.

That is why there is new rules from now on:
– Registration is mandatory
– There is a limited number of pilots and instructors per organisation
(10 per group and a limit of 50 pilots in total per day on the site)
– There is a limited work day on the Dune du Pilat (14 days per year)
– There is  a shared schedule to fill in in advance to inform local managers that you are coming and to look at  regularly to check the availability to fly at the desired time.

The objective is to suggest to visit at another time if there are too many groups on site already.
« If you intend to come with a group on the Dune du Pilat, you must register first. »


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